Building The Tallest Tower

Tallest Tower and Construction pictures and photos 1979

  • November 6, 2013

In 1979, WLYH-TV made a 1.5 million dollar investment in a new broadcast tower, and RCA transmitter. Together, the tower and transmitter provided eight times the effective radiated power of the original transmitter, and gave WLYH an unprecedented 60-mile signal radius.

WLYH TV 15 Tallest Tower Billboard 1979

WLYH TV 15 Tallest Tower Print Advertisment 1979

WLYH TV 15 TV's Most Watched Shows Billboard

Below are some photos from the construction.

Below are photos from the inaugural ceremony to flip the switch on for the Tallest Tower with CBS’s Bob Schieffer.  October 29th 1979

Keystone Presentation WLYH-TV Looking Good for 1979 Tallest Tower Building and ratings along with ratings and Line up clips.

Includes footage from the inaugural ceremony with Bob Schieffer October 29th 1979.

WLYH Tape Archive Expansion Footage Transmitter Footage Room being built Early Summer 1979

WLYH Tape Boxes179

WLYH Tape Boxes180



WLYH Tape Archive Expansion footage and tallest tower going up 1979

Short clip of the tower being built then complete for news package (Tape 237)

WLYH Tape Boxes231

WLYH Tape Boxes233WLYH Tape Boxes232


WLYH Tape Boxes230