Forum 15

WLYH TV 15 FORUM 15 Ice Cream Fest Recorded 7-9-1985 Aired 7-12-1985 630AM and 2AM

  • March 2, 2014

WLYH TV 15 FORUM 15 Ice Cream Fest

Recorded: 7-9-1985
Aired: 7-12-1985 630AM and 2AM
Host: John Zeswitz
Guest 1:  Nancy Frankhouser (Corporate Communications Penn Dairies, Inc.) 
Guest 2:  Joanne Foss (Entertainment Coordinator Penn Supreme Ice Cream Festival)
Producer/Director:  Lee Lawrence
Cameras:  Harry Maxwell
Chief Engineer:  Tim Costly
Engineers:  Bob Lebo, Dave Williams, Mike Felpel, Mike Brenemen
Trademark:  Gateway Communications Inc.